Aider’s mission (first posting_aider’s product)

Aider’s mission (first posting_aider’s product)

Hello, this is Claire from Aider which is located in S. Korea.

This is my first posting for our company called Aider.

So I’d like to introduce Aider’s mission, core value and vision.

I will post company-related information and various things on a regular basis and hope that you would enjoy my posting.

  • Mission

Help 100 million people to do health activity with valuable products.

  • Core value

  1. Happiness: Understanding that happiness is a top priority and happiness of members and customers provides maximum value.
  2. Passion: Get the best results by doing our best with passion to develop the best product and service.
  3. Honesty: Understand and practice that pursuing honest profits will return to greater profits in the future.
  4. Autonomy: All of the members serve as locomotives, not carriages, and accept their own decision based on mission and core value.
  5. Communication: Face customers and members with open-mind and listen to their story well.
  6. Effectiveness: Make an efficient decision to create maximum profits with minimum capital.
  7. Improvement: Don’t be afraid of change, challenge the 1% improvement per day.
  • Vision

Export valuable products to 100 countries until 2025.

Items variation will be introduced soon.



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